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(lät`gälĕ) or


(lătgăl`ēə), region and former province, in Latvia, N of the Western Dvina River. DaugavpilsDaugavpils
, Ger. Dünaburg, city (2011 provisional pop. 93,223), SE Latvia, on the Western Dvina River. It is a rail junction and commercial center. The city's industries produce lumber, food products, electric machinery, and textiles.
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 was the chief city. The region was settled in the early Middle Ages by the Latgalians, who were closely akin to the Letts and spoke a Latvian dialect. Latgale shared the history of LivoniaLivonia
, region and former Russian province, comprising present Estonia and parts of Latvia (Vidzeme and Latgale). It borders on the Baltic Sea and its arms, the Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Finland, in the west and the north and extends E to Lake Peipus (Chudskoye) and the
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 (of which it formed the southern part) until 1561, when it passed to Poland. Unlike the rest of Latvia, however, Latgale retained Roman Catholicism. The area was ceded to Russia during the Polish partition of 1772. In 1918 it became part of newly independent Latvia. The region has a proportionally larger Russian population than the rest of Latvia.
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a historical and cultural region in eastern Latvia that was settled by the Latgals during the early feudal period.

The name “Latgale” was first mentioned in 1209 as Letthia or Letthigallia. The early feudal principalities of Ersika, Talava, and Koknese, which were under the political and economic influence of the Russian principalities, formed in Latgale in the tenth to 13th century. Latgale was conquered by the German crusaders in the 13th century. The contemporary name “Latgale,” appeared in 1900 and refers to the eastern part of the present-day Latvian SSR, between the Daugava and Aiviekste rivers, which was part of Vitebsk Province in the 19th and early 20th centuries.


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The lowest average gross wages and salaries for full-time work still were registered in Latgale region EUR 758, constituting 70 percent of the national average.
The language dominating in a higher level education was German for a long time (except in Latgale), and the civil service of the Russian Empire, in its turn, forced the Russian language on education of all levels" (Ieskats Latvijas ...).
Daugavpils is in the fast-shrinking eastern province of Latgale, but it is home to a university, a new arts center, numerous lakes and green spaces, and bustling cafes, where Russian is nearly the only language one hears spoken.
It is not yet known whether the Latgale Party will join the political union.
As the Latgale region of Latvia has the highest proportion of Russian speakers and the worst socioeconomic conditions in the country, (26) the probability of "hybrid warfare" in this region has emerged as a point of discussion in Western political and military circles.
The hemp fibres were obtained from a trial plot at the Agriculture Science Centre of Latgale in Vilani district, Latvia.
Classification of the municipalities Municipality Region 1 Centre of international level Liepaja Kurzeme 2 National development centre Jelgava Zemgale 3 National development centre Jekabpils Zemgale 4 National development centre Jurmala Riga 5 Regional development centre Kuldiga Kurzeme 6 Regional development centre Tukums Riga 7 Regional development centre Cesis Vidzeme 8 Regional development centre Aluksne Vidzeme 9 Regional development centre Ludza Latgale 10 Regional development centre Balvi Latgale 11 Regional development centre Valka Vidzeme Source: Cultural Policy Guidelines 2014-2020 "Creative Latvia", Cabinet Regulation No.
Revenue from the personal income tax in municipal budegets of Latvia and latgale region, Regional Review / Regionalais Zinojums (6): 41-50.
The fact that the greatest number of parks and gardens is found in the west of the country, in Kurzeme, while in the east, in Latgale the number of green areas is smaller, is the result of the historical development of Latvia.
In 1918, the first Latvian republic was created by joining the old Courland lands, consisting of Kurzeme region in the west and Zemgale in the south, with the Latvian-speaking southern part of Vidzeme (the Latvian name of Livonia, or Lifliandskaia guberniia) at the center and north of the new state, and the Latgale region (part of Vitebskaia guberniia) in the east; border corrections with Lithuania left it with bits of former Courland territory, as well.
The vision of the Latgale Strategy 2030 is the "smart Latgale" being based on local universities as a basis of excellence and on the operation of large foreign and local firms and the complementary cooperation of small companies.
The company already has 30 points of sale in Riga, the Riga area, Vidzeme, Kurzeme and Latgale.