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, c.378–c.452, archimandrite in Constantinople, sponsor of Eutychianism, the first phase of Monophysitism. He was the leader in Constantinople of the most violent opponents of Nestorianism, among whom was Dioscurus, successor to St. Cyril (d.
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Because such soldiers had a poor reputation, the meaning of the word came to be "robber" or "bandit," and the word derived from it, latrocinium, meant "act of robbery." Latrocinium became larecin, "theft," in medieval French, and this word was borrowed into English as larceny.
Even more so, those who did not see magnum latrocinium in the State, but rather "rational in itself for itself," the ultimate moment in the reign of morality, which was, in turn, the ultimate moment of the objective spirit (of practical philosophy in the traditional sense of the word), had to submit the demands of individual morals to the ultimate demands of the State.
Latrocinium perpetrare, fraudem facere, adulterium committere, re turpe est, sed dicitur non obscene: liberis operam dare honestum est re, nomine obscenum.