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These beams were extended over the street, enlarging the footprint of the upper floor, which is then enclosed with latticework and roofed with wood.
In Sidewinder (2010-11), a ladder-like grid appears, suggesting a column of high-rise windows perhaps, but also hinting at a subtle return of the repressed: the latticework of Norton's early sculpture.
Mashrabiya is the Arabic term given to a type of projecting oriel window enclosed with carved wood latticework located on the second storey of a building or higher, often lined with stained glass.
Beset by catatonic-seizures' slippery architecture gesturing close to rivers' conscious oblivion vertigo - transformations scramble the sky awkwardly grounded in acrid velour as flowers stare at surfaces surprised by latticework or White-clocked billowing walls
Our culture is diverse and we have always thrived on our multiculturalism, a significant part of which comes from a tremendous latticework of historical connections between the UK and Pakistan.
Cal Lane's metal latticework structures also reimagine the utility of fossil fuel paraphernalia.
The book highlights the emerging latticework of regional defence arrangements that augments "the overall capacity of the US-Australian alliance to contain China".
The well-padded dimpled surfaces have a latticework of ridges, and the bright pink cover I was testing resembled chewed-up bubble gum.
People are connected by culture, and the design's intricate latticework visually represents this.
The three dimensional latticework spiral, which was specially commissioned by AHEC for the ninth edition of the festival, was made completely from American red oak by Cowley Timberwork and engineered by Arup, and will remain on display at the V and A museum until October 15, 2011.
The plush, earthy tones and the light, airy interiors decorated with Rajasthani murals, latticework carvings and iconic stone carved elephants create an inimitable aura.
The Mughal concept of 'paradise' is seen in the extensive use of running water, fountains, outdoor rain water showers, courts full of greenery open to the skies and interiors embellished with stone latticework, mother of pearl, inlay and mirror work.