Lava Flow

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lava flow

[′lä·və ‚flō]
A lateral, surficial stream of molten lava issuing from a volcanic cone or from a fissure.
The solidified mass of rock formed when a lava stream congeals.
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Lava Flow


mode of occurrence of lava that has issued from a volcano. Lava flows are characterized by great length (up to several dozen kilometers) with relatively small width and thickness. The length and thickness of the lava flow depend on the viscosity of the lava and the slope of the terrain. Flows of acidic lava are usually short (1–10 km) and thick (up to 25–30 m); basaltic flows are long (up to 60–80 km and more) and very thin.

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Beyond a certain distance, the lava would have cooled to the point where it could no longer erode the ground, and it would have continued as an ordinary surface lava flow. The volume eruption rates deduced from the longer sinuous rille channel lengths are very similar to those found for the longest conventional lava flow units; modeling studies show that the turbulence leading to efficient thermal erosion was probably encouraged by a combination of unusually steep slope and unusually low lava viscosity.
Shield volcanoes occur when very fluid lava flows long distances on gentle slopes.
A spur road leads to the next point of interest--tree molds--which were formed when molten lava flows entombed trees and then hardened.
In Hawaii, lava flow as young as four years old bear small, red-flowering shrubs that belong to the same species (Metrosideros polymorpha) as much larger trees in the surrounding forests.
* Speak out against the closure of Lava Flow. Clog your local information paths; tell everyone you want to retain choice and responsibility for your own death!
hibits) has been set up at Kamoamoa Campground, about 1 1/2 miles west of the slowly advancing lava; double-check lava-viewing conditions here before driving on to the lava flows.
The post Scores more homes destroyed by lava flow on Hawaii's Big Island appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Throughout the night, Phivolcs noted lava flows and consequent incandescent rockfalls were observed in the Miisi and Bonga-Buyuan channels.
The Holuhraun is the country's greatest basaltic lava flow because 1784, creating a lava field extra than 32 square miles in size, bigger than the island of Manhattan.
Ecuador's Geophysics Institute said the lava flow on Reventador's southern flank has increased since Saturday but poses no immediate threat to villagers in the region 60 miles (100) kilometers) east of the capital, Quito.
A broad lava flow crossed onto the property of a Hawaii geothermal power station on Saturday, posing a new hazard as molten rock from the erupting Kilauea volcano bulldozed relentlessly through homes and backyards.
State volcanologists said that there were sporadic and weak lava fountaining, lava flow and degassing from the summit crater of Mayon Volcano in the past 24 hours.