Lavrentev, Viktor

Lavrent’ev, Viktor Vladimirovich


Born Feb. 14 (27), 1914, in Tomsk. Soviet Russian playwright. Member of the CPSU since 1942. Lawyer.

Lavrent’ev published poetry in 1943 in frontline newspapers during the war. His first play was In Wide Open Spaces (or, There Is No Happiness Without Truth, 1952). He dealt with pressing contemporary problems and important moral and ethical questions in such plays as The Kriazhevs (1953), The Radiant One (1955), Ivan Budantsev (1956), The Last Legend (1958), For the Sake of One’s Fellow Creatures (1960), Honor Thy Father (1964), Man and the Globe (1967), and The Head of the Family (1970). Lavrent’ev was editor in chief of the magazine Teatr (1969–72). He has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and several medals.


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