Lavrov, Georgii Lavrentevich

Lavrov, Georgii Lavrent’evich


Born Dec. 29, 1895 (Jan. 10, 1896), in the village of Bolokhniany, now in Smolensk Oblast; died May 24,1967, in Moscow. Soviet architect. Member of the CPSU from 1944.

Lavrov studied at the Moscow Higher State Art and Technical Studios from 1922 to 1926. He worked in the Byelorussian SSR (1928–34) and then in Moscow. He designed the clinic (1928–30) and university (1928–31) towns and the V. I. Lenin Library (1930–32) in Minsk, the drama and motion-picture theaters in Orsha (1930–32), the rest and vacation home in Alushta (1939–41), and the Novaia Albaniia Film Studio in Tirana (1952).