Lavrov, Petr

Lavrov, Petr Alekseevich


Born Sept. 6 (18), 1856, in Yaroslavl; died Nov. 24, 1929, in Leningrad. Soviet philologist and Slavicist. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1923). Professor at the University of Novorossiisk (1898) and at St. Petersburg University (1900).

Lavrov’s work in paleography, particularly South Slavic paleography, is of great importance. In 1914 he wrote Paleographic Review of Cyrillic Writing. He studied and published a large number of Slavic literary monuments which he discovered in the depositories of Russia, South Slavic countries, and Ayion Oros (Athos). While investigating sources of written Slavic, he published his works Cyril and Methodius in Old Slavic Writing (1928) and Materials on the Origin of Old Slavic Writing (1930). Lavrov also published works on Slavic literary history, such as Petar II PetrovićNjego ŝ, Vladika of Montenegro, and His Literary Work (1887), and works on Slavic linguistics, such as Survey of the Phonetic and Formal Features of the Bulgarian Language (1893).


Pamiati akad. P. A. Lavrova. Leningrad, 1929.