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grass turf or greensward cultivated in private yard or public park. A good lawn, or green, has both beauty and usefulness; its maintenance for golf, tennis, baseball, and other sports is a costly and specialized procedure. It requires good soil, frequent watering and mowing, and occasional rolling and fertilizing. Weed pests, such as dandelions and crabgrass, are eliminated by root removal or by sprayingspraying,
horticultural practice of applying fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, usually in solution, to plants. It may be accomplished by various means, e.g., the watering can, sprinkler attachment, spray gun, aerosol bomb, power spraying machine, or airplane.
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. Most lawn plants are types of cloverclover,
any plant of the genus Trifolium, leguminous hay and forage plants of the family Leguminosae (pulse family). Most of the species are native to north temperate or subtropical regions, and all the American cultivated forms have been introduced from Europe.
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 and, especially, of grassgrass,
any plant of the family Poaceae (formerly Gramineae), an important and widely distributed group of vascular plants, having an extraordinary range of adaptation. Numbering approximately 600 genera and 9,000 species, the grasses form the climax vegetation (see ecology) in
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. Bluegrass, white clover, and a few types of fescue and bent grass are most often selected for temperate climates in the United States. Bermuda grass, rye grass, St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum), and carpet grass (Axonopus affinus) are planted in warmer regions.


See U.S. Dept. of Agriculture bulletins; J. U. Crochett, Lawns and Ground Covers (1971).

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a piece of land covered with grass that is kept mowed and trimmed evenly. There are parterre, park, sport, and moresque (motley colored) lawns.

Lawns are a basic element of flower gardens and parterres and serve as a background for flower beds and decorative trees as well as for sculptures and fountains. Park and moresque lawns are arranged in parks, gardens, public gardens, and boulevards. Grass seed is sown primarily in the spring by hand or by seeding machines that are driven in perpendicular directions. Then the lawn is raked manually or mechanically and rolled. The combination of grasses for lawns is chosen to create thick herbage and a dense turf. The cereals, such as meadow grass, fescue, ryegrass, and bent, are sown 15-30 g of seeds per sq m. Moresque lawns combine a mixture of cereals and annuals with beautiful blossoms, such as the poppy, cornflower, calendula, and candytuft. Lawn care includes watering, fertilizing, mowing, weeding, and additional sowing.


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A sheer cotton or cotton and polyester fabric made of combed or carded yarn.
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1. An open space of ground of some size, covered with grass and kept smoothly mown.
2. Same as gauze, 2.
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1. a flat and usually level area of mown and cultivated grass
2. an archaic or dialect word for glade


a fine linen or cotton fabric, used for clothing
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