lawn mower

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lawn mower

a hand-operated or power-operated machine with rotary blades for cutting grass on lawns

Lawn Mower


a machine designed to mow lawns. There are manual mowers and mechanized mowers either of the reel type or with a rotating blade. The USSR produces mechanized mowers with a rotating blade because they are more productive and simpler in construction than the reel type and can cut down coarse grasses. A one-cylinder gasoline engine with 0.9 kV (1.25 hp) runs the mower. As the rotor turns, the hinged blades cut, fragment, and throw the grass through openings in the frame to the areas already mowed. A mower can mow 0.12 hectares per hour. One worker is needed to run a lawn mower.


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The new Honda HRN Series of lawn mowers features four major areas of innovation: more power and torque, a rugged design, intuitive controls, and easier operation and serviceability than the HRR models they replace all with the goal of making the task of grooming grass more productive and even more enjoyable for lawn care enthusiasts.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 1, 2019-: Europe Robotic Lawn Mower Market Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024
But at long last, this morning iRobot (( NASDAQ ( :IRBT ) unveiled a worthy outdoor counterpart to its flagship product line called Terra, its first-ever robotic lawn mower.
Anyway, what Stepper talks about-after citing such facts that Bosch rolled out with antilock brakes in 1978, electronic stability control in 1995, 77-GHz radar systems in 2000 ...--is a lawn mower. Yes, a lawn mower.
Founded in Israel, Robomow has launched six generations of rechargeable, robotic lawn mowers for residential use since 1995, with models for different mower widths and lawn sizes.
What type of power the robotic lawn mower needs to operate is apparently one of the most crucial factors.
The anticipated growth in the landscaping industry is expected to propel the demand for robotic lawn mowers. Customers, both individual and corporate are ensuring proper lawn maintenance and are looking at a robotic lawn mower as a long term investment rather than as an expensive product which is just maintaining lawns.
That just makes for more exciting action, as the lawn mowers slide sideways and the dirt and dust fly.
Members of Stourport Cricket Club may have to use money set aside for a grassroots scheme to get children involved in the sport for machinery after thieves stole professional lawn mowers, a heavy duty scarifier and a trailer.
Give your employees a lawn mower engine tune-up refresher course with this quick guide so they're prepared to help:
That is, until a neighbor starts his lawn mower. Or worse still, his lawn service shows up with two mowers you can hear in stereo.
Anybody offered second-hand garden tools, lawn mowers or Sat nav systems should contact Durham police on 0345 60 60 365 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.