lawn mower

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lawn mower

a hand-operated or power-operated machine with rotary blades for cutting grass on lawns

Lawn Mower


a machine designed to mow lawns. There are manual mowers and mechanized mowers either of the reel type or with a rotating blade. The USSR produces mechanized mowers with a rotating blade because they are more productive and simpler in construction than the reel type and can cut down coarse grasses. A one-cylinder gasoline engine with 0.9 kV (1.25 hp) runs the mower. As the rotor turns, the hinged blades cut, fragment, and throw the grass through openings in the frame to the areas already mowed. A mower can mow 0.12 hectares per hour. One worker is needed to run a lawn mower.


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Previously he had been a managing director of lawnmover business Birmid Qualcast, which has since been taken over by Blue Circle.
Deck Assembly Is The Cutting Portion Of The Ride On Lawnmover Which Includes Cutting Blade, Bearings, Body To Cutting Blade Excluding Belt.
It is littered with junk, including an old TV, lawnmover and strips of corrugated roofing.
do He added: "They've been bringing their own lawnmovers and hedge cutters to try and sort it because the council haven't bothered."