Lawrence, David

Lawrence, David (Leo)

(1889–1966) mayor; born in Pittsburgh, Pa. After working for William J. Brennan, Democratic chief of Allegheny County, he became active in state and national Democratic Party affairs. He went on to serve an unprecedented four terms as mayor of Pittsburgh (1946–59). In concert with Richard K. Mellon and other civic leaders, he helped clean and build up the city. He became the first Catholic governor of Pennsylvania (1959–63). In 1963 President John F. Kennedy, whose nomination he had helped to secure, appointed him chairman of the Committee on Equal Opportunity for Housing.
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Speaking on behalf of Lawrence, David Murray said that the incident was "horrific" and that Lawrence "regrets it".
Washington RFC - back row left to right: Stephen Wearmouth (head coach), Oliver clewes (chairman), David Lowrie, Mike Lawrence, David Allen, Dom Ryan (captain, assistant coach <B forwards), Stephen Garrett, Anthony Temple, James Ross (assistant coach backs), Matty Fisher, Shaun Lazzari, Jon Polley, Luke Coughlin.
Lawrence, David Whyte, Denise Levertov, Kahlil Gibran, Jane Hirshfield, Wendell Berry, Robert Bly, and others will kindle and nourish the flame of love, no matter your time of life.
Giants 19: Scott Grix, Jermaine McGillvary, Leroy Cudjoe, Joe Wardle, Aaron Murphy, Danny Brough, Luke Robinson, Eorl Crabtree, Craig Kopczak, Brett Ferres, Jason Chan, Chris Bailey, Michael Lawrence, David Faiumu, Ukuma Ta'ai, Kyle Wood, Jodie Broughton, Antonio Kaufusi, Josh Johnson.
Gravity - Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, David Shirk, Neil Corbould, Nikki Penny
Andy Lawrence, David Rigby, Kate Carlton, Iain McAurthur, Emma Taylor, Steve Kirby, DTZ.
But still we see the players they will have to sell in Tal Ben Haim, Greg Halford, Erik Huseklepp, Dave Kitson, Liam Lawrence, David Norris and Kanu digging their heels in and trying to get what is owed to them.
Eight players - ex-Boro loanee Dave Kitson, Tal Ben Haim, Greg Halford, Erik Huseklepp, Liam Lawrence, David Norris and Kanu plus Luke Varney who has since joined Leeds - are in dispute over unpaid salaries.
Dear dad to Lawrence, David and Ralph, father-in-law to Lynda and Diane, grandad to Katy, Joanne, Rebecca, Jonathan, Jessica, Rebecca and Alex.
Student beauticians from Birmingham City College waxed the ten legs belonging to Simon Horan, Tim Lawrence, David Fox, David Eden and Peter Gough.
But most of the entertainment came from Portsmouth and the Blades had keeper Steve Simonsen to thank for denying Liam Lawrence, David Nugent and John Utaka.
High Honors: High Honors: Alysha Bastine, Shawna Bica, Lauren Brasili, Rhiannon Brown, Michael Caudill, Deborah Charpentier, Cody Connell, Jonathan Day, Anthony DeCicco, Ryan DeMar, Lucas Dias, Ashley Dignard, Ellen Doig, Cristina Fernandez, Raymond Harrison, Anthony Hauver, Erin Hodge, John Kohan, Sean Landry, Stefanie Lawrence, David Mason, Carolyn Miller, Ashley O'Reilly, Victor Palencia, Ryan Panos, Merchy Peralta, Arielle Pollock, Joanna Rydzefski, Matthew Sowerbutts, Danielle Staropoli, Celena Valiente, Mihaiela Vatamaniuc, Angelika Vazquez, Rebecca Wockenfuss, Kayla Wright