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Cardigan lay reader Christine Watts said the Anglican Church would have to rely heavily on its lay readers given the problems.
And so, under thematic headings that betray the book's back-to-the-garret/stroll-through-the-Salon bias--"Artists and Models," "The Probity of Art: Drawing," and "La Vie de Boheme"--the lay reader is offered an earnestly evasive tour of memorable, or at any rate retrievable, "art words" through the ages that lurches from Albrecht Durer to Michael Craig-Martin, Giorgio Vasari to Bruce Chatwin, Eugene Delacroix to Brian Eno, by way of Robert Louis Stevenson, Charlotte Bronte, John Berger, and artist's model extraordinaire Leigh Bowery.
The thoroughly annotated work is written in plain language for lay readers.
MANY WORLDS IN ONE explains to lay readers these potentials, offering insights into physics advancements and developments and the possible coexistence of other universes.
It's a primer on biotechnology for lay readers and assumes no prior scientific or health knowledge to prove quite accessible--and surprisingly lively.
Choosing a Bible is an overview designed to help lay readers answer the question "Which Bible should I buy?
A biting treatise, recommended for students of philosophy yet thoroughly accessible to lay readers.
Written in language accessible to lay readers, Making Sense Of The Bible describes at length the context of sacred verses and psalms, and their modern relevance.
establishing a training program for lay readers in conjunction with Queen's College in St.
Yet, in the Enchiridion, inspired by I Corinthians, Erasmus urges his lay readers to perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy because all Christians are members of the Mystical Body of Christ.
However, irrespective of a few caveats, this book is a sane and readable account of the importance of trinitarian theology to be welcomed by students, clergy, and lay readers.
Sometimes Joe's prose reads like a Journalism 101 primer as she interprets industry jargon to lay readers.