Lazarev, Vasilii

Lazarev, Vasilii Grigor’evich


Born Feb. 23, 1928, in the village of Poroshino, Kytmanovo Raion, Altai Krai. Pilot and cosmonaut of the USSR, colonel. Hero of the Soviet Union (Oct. 2, 1973). Became a member of the CPSU in 1956.

Lazarev studied at the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute and graduated from the Saratov Medical Institute in 1952. After graduating from the Chuguev Military Aviation School for Pilots in 1954, Lazarev served in the air force. A member of the cosmonaut squadron since 1966, he was ship commander on the Soyuz 12 spaceship with O. G. Makarov on Sept. 27–29, 1973. The spaceship made 32 revolutions around the earth in 47 hours 16 minutes. On board, Lazarev completed the program of scientific and technical experiments and tested the ship-based systems and the pressure suits. He has been awarded the Order of Lenin and medals.