Lazdinu Peleda

Lazdinu Peleda


the shared literary pseudonym of two Lithuanian sisters. Sofija Ivanauskaite-Pŝibiliauskienė was born Sept. 4 (16), 1867, in Paragiai, now in Akmenė Raion, Lithuanian SSR, and died there Mar. 15, 1926. Marija Ivanaus-kaite-Lastauskienė was born May 3 (15), 1872, in Siauliai, and died July 19, 1957, in Kaunas.

The works of Lazdinu Peleda were written in the style of critical realism, and the main themes were the conflicts between the peasants and the landowners, the economic and moral degradation of the nobility, the new processes in the Lithuanian village during capitalist development, and the fate of woman. Their most important works included the novellas The Wanderer (1902), Vanished Like a Dream (1908), The New Path (1912), and Pan Drambliavičius (1921) and the short stories “By the Very Estate” (1907), “Mother Called” (1908), and “The First Job” (1922).


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In Russian translation:
Ischezlo kak son. Moscow, 1960.


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