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For Hungarian rulers thus named, use Ladislaus.
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The trial is being organized in Budapest, Hungary at the St Istvan and St Lazslo Hospital, and also extra satellite sites in Hungary, combined with the alliances from the UNISEC European Consortium.
The trial is being conducted in Budapest, Hungary at the St Istvan and St Lazslo Hospital, as well as additional satellite sites in Hungary, together with the partners from the UNISEC European Consortium.
Indeed, while Carol was revered unanimously, the film most championed for the Palme d'Or was the far more turbulent Son of Saul, the Holocaust film by Hungarian newcomer, NYU-trained, Lazslo Nemes.
5 B increase from the European Social Fund for the next program period till 2020, said EU Commissioner Lazslo Andor, during his visit in Sofia.
No this was captured by famous UFO hunter Lazslo in Sydney.
The Greeks have made impressive strides in recent years, finishing in the top four for three seasons in succession, and they are looking for further improvement under Romanian head coach Lazslo Boloni, who was appointed this summer.
About a year ago the Pars' director of football came into the Off The Ball studio to help promote the charity in the name of his late wife - the Mary Leishman Foundation With two of the SPL's biggest blethers going head to head at Rugby Park that afternoon - Jim Jefferies v Csaba Lazslo - I foolishly offered to donate a pound per word for the manager Jim thought would churn out the longest opening sentence in his post-match interview.
Before the meeting, Sahin is set to gather with his Hungarian counterpart Lazslo Kover in Dusseldorf.
Al Wahda did well in the second week with a 3-1 win against newcomers Ittihad Kalba, but could do little when their coach Lazslo Boloni got the marching orders after a mere three matches at the helm.
There is, however, more than just energy to the 20-year-old's game and he proved that during his time with Standard Liege; though he can pass and tackle, Fellaini chipped in with a number of goals as Lazslo Boloni's side won the Juliper League last season.
He set yet another as he decimated a field that was expected to provide him with one of his more serious challenges as he aims for eight Olympic titles, but there was little Hungarian Lazslo Cseh or fellow American Ryan Lochte could do but battle for the minor places.
One recent exhibition, organized by Helga Pakasaar, paired Simon Starling's self-interrogating film installation Wilhelm Noack oHG, 2006, with Lazslo Moholy-Nagy's 1930 film Lichtspiel, Schwarz-Weiss-Grau (Light Display, Black-White-Gray).