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(Mg,Fe)Al2(OH)2(PO4)2 A violet-blue or azure-blue mineral with vitreous luster; composed of basic aluminum phosphate and occurring in small masses or monoclinic crystals; hardness is 5-6 on Mohs scale, and specific gravity is 3.06-3.12. Also known as berkeyite; blue spar; false lapis.



a mineral, a phosphate of magnesium, iron, and aluminum; its chemical composition is (Mg, Fe2+) A12 [P04]2(OH)2. Lazulite crystallizes in the monoclinic system, forming dark blue acicular crystals of dipyramidal form. It sometimes occurs in granular aggregates in association with quartz and other minerals. Its hardness is 5–6 on Mohs’ scale, and its density is 3,100 kg/M3. Lazulite is encountered in the contact zones of pegmatites, in quartz veins, in quartzite and metamorphic rocks, and in association with corundum, rutile, kyanite, and other minerals.

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Finally, the Ledfords had ten large single crystals of Georgia lazulite, dug in 1999: sandy, pale blue loose bipyramids with some adhering white mica/quartz dust.
1959) Crystal structures of the isostructural minerals lazulite, scorzalite and barbosalite.
On the dumps of the Potosi tunnel, on the southeastern flank of Cerro Rico, and on other small dumps nearby, Ahlfeld and Reyes (1955) observed pale blue pseudomorphs after feldspar in the dacite: they speculated that this material is "probably" lazulite but give no reasons for this assumption.
The scuttlebutt this time concerned such matters as mineral-marketing websites, dichroic Pakistani lazulite crystals 5 cm long, and the news that major collector Steve Neely of Tennessee has now sold his fabulous collection of cabinet specimens.
Wendell has, to put it mildly, a good aesthetic eye, and thus the viewer's own eye lingers long on practically every piece, and the longer the lingering, the better seems the specimen in question: for instance, his Mexican ludlamite, Russian sperrylite, Afghanistan lazurite, Yukon lazulite, Russian pyrochlore, Sweet Home mine rhodochrosite .
Here too was what's said to be the largest lazulite crystal ever found at Graves Mountain: a loose, sharp, light sandy blue one 3.