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(Na,Ca)8(Al,Si)O24(S,SO4) A blue or violet-blue feldspathoid mineral crystallizing in the isometric system; the chief mineral constituent of lapis lazuli.



(lapis lazuli), a mineral of the silicate subclass with a skeletal crystal lattice structure similar to that of sodalite. The chemical composition of lazurite is (Na, Ca)8[A1SiO4]6-(SO4 Cl, S)2. The mineral crystallizes in the isometric system, but crystals are rare. Most commonly it is granular or in compact masses of dark blue, violet, or greenish blue color. The hardness is 5.5–6.0 on Mohs’ scale, and the density is 2,380–2,420 kg/m3. Lazurite occurs in crystalline limestones along the contact boundary between the latter and alkaline syenites in association with pyrite, glaucolite, and other minerals. The largest known lazurite deposits are in Afghanistan (Badakhshan). In the USSR there are deposits in the vicinity of Lake Baikal and in the Tadzhik SSR. Lazurite is a valuable ornamental material and is also used in the preparation of the blue pigment ultramarine.

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Lapis lazuli's consist, according to the Gemological Institute of America, is lazurite, pyrite, and calcite (lazurite itself is a natural sodium aluminum sulphosilicate).
The old known producing areas are the Urals (jasper, agate amethyst, alexandrite, almandine garnet, emerald, malachite, rhodonite), the Transbaikal area (topaz, beryl, polychrome tourmaline, nephrite and lazurite) and Altai (jasper, quartzite, etc.).
Tenders are invited for supply of consumables and reagents for allergic diagnostics in vitro on the automatic enzyme immunoassay analyzer lazurite manufactured by dynex technologies inc usa
Afghanistan has come through again with an interesting mineral miscellany, the items mentioned below hailing from unnamed digging sites penetrating the white marble of the Kokcha Valley, Badakshan (yes, the lazurite place).
In the colors may appear metallic blue "Lazurite", which is very similar in tone to the corporate color of Subaru.
In wandering around I saw some amazing set-ups of lazurite from Afghanistan, alas not crystallized, but these are polished pieces weighing up to perhaps 50 kg and there were whole tables crammed with them!
herbicides: lazurite, sp 24 kg miura, ce 150 l ballerina, se 300 l camelot, se 2700 l mays ter pauer, md 600 l hacker, vrg 100 l 3.
The famous Sar-e-Sang lapis lazuli ocality in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan is best known, of course, for its lazurite, but good crystals of other species are found embedded in the distinctive, pyrite-flecked white marble of the locality.
Request for quotations : purchase of reagents, consumables, calibrators and control materials for lazurite analyzer (usa) and xl-640 erba lachema analyzer for q3 2018.
"Jewelry-industrial" and "industrial" materials range down a scale from lazurite, jadeite and nephrite at the top, through charoite, rhodonite, jasper and petrified wood, to items like "aventurine quartzite," "ophicalcite (serpentine/calcite)" and "agalmatolite (pyrophyllite/talc)," although, perhaps mercifully, the last three which merit separate chapters in the parade of chapters to follow are malachite, chalcedony and rhodonite.
I entered the theater where the premier dealers are always located and went to the stand of Marcus Grossmann (, who had e-mailed me beautiful photos of a fine lazurite crystal and one of the new brookite specimens from Pakistan.