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lazaret, lazarette, lazaretto, lazar house

A segregated area for infectious medical patients, esp. for their quarantine.
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Davey told Officer Charles Lazzaretto and Glendale investigator Art Frank he had not seen Gonzalez all night even though he had spoken to the suspect 10 minutes earlier and knew he was hiding in the spacious Chatsworth warehouse.
Charles Lazzaretto's widow, Annamaria Lazzaretto, did not attend because she had the flu.
On Thursday, a memorial erected outside the Glendale Police Department - with bronze plaques honoring the four officers who have died in the line of duty in the city's 100-year history - now gives the family a place to honor Officer Charles Andrew Lazzaretto.
Il primo riscontro e offerto da alcuni passi dei dialogo fra Lucia e Fra' Cristoforo nel lazzaretto, sul rovello dei voto fatto alla Madonna:
The statue was dedicated at the new police headquarters on the seventh anniversary of the death of Officer Charles Lazzaretto, who was slain while investigating an attempted murder case.
In a report prepared for the supervisors, Andrew Lazzaretto, a consultant who assembled a team of environmental and security experts to review Hahn's plan, said there is a ``real possibility'' under the proposal that the airport could be expanded substantially in the future.
Both had received commendations, Simmons recently with a Crystal Angel Award for "outstanding community service" and Veenstra with the Medal of Valor in 1999 for heroism during a fatal shootout in Chatsworth in 1997, when a gunman killed Glendale police Detective Charles Lazzaretto.
The marinas of Sliema Creek and Lazzaretto Creek in Marsamxett Harbour are full of examples of Malta's new-found status - millionaire yachts - and you shouldn't leave Malta without making the 25-minute ferry trip to Gozo, a world away.
The 1st Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment was stationed at Gibraltar Barracks, Lazzaretto on the border between Trieste and Yugoslavia in the 1950s.
Mettendo a fuoco le discrepanze tra la Veronica Franco storica e quella teatrale, Caru mostra come Maraini, creando personaggi e situazioni del tutto fittizie (in particolare il fatto che la Franco si trovi in un lazzaretto ed incontri una certa Suor Anzola), abbia incentrato quest'opera teatrale sul tema dell'amicizia femminile come modo di oltrepassare una situazione di marginalita e di scoprire e riappropriarsi di se stesse--nello specifico dell'opera, l'incontro fra Veronica Franco e Suor Anzola che si conchiude in un reciproco invito a mettersi in viaggio insieme ed abbandonare il lazzaretto in cui le due si erano inizialmente trovate.
The Capuchins, by contrast, served the pest-stricken in the lazzaretto (or pest house, where plague victims were confined), and suffered numerous losses.
Running the service of integrated management of municipal waste and assimilated waste in the municipality of Seriate, including the stages of collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste, street cleaning and the interventions of urban hygiene, of performing services on demand and the management of municipal waste collection center of Via Lazzaretto 4.