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Timber sawn or split in the form of beams, boards, joists, planks, etc., esp. that which is smaller than heavy timber. Also see board, 1, dimension lumber, matched boards, and yard lumber.
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The ODC-Nimbus HDBD LBR is the result of extensive research and development over the last several years in recording layer materials and processes, resulting in a patented High-Resolution Dye-Polymer technology.
TI's VoDSL platform also utilizes Telogy's LBR voice codec technology, providing up to an 8:1 reduction in the bandwidth required for each voice channel, compressing voice down to 8 Kbps per channel.
In addition, the advanced write strategy available with DCA's MIS Pro formatter made dialing in the Singulus 266 LBR as painless as possible.
The go2 LBR allows merchants to ensure users have access to detailed and timely information, including products, brands and services, phone numbers, hours, "last 100 feet" turn-by-turn and parking directions, daily specials, coupons and discounts.
Previously, the majority of registered merchants found in the go2 LBR were major retail companies with numerous locations.
With the increasing industry demand for high quality mastering equipment, ODC recognizes the importance of facilitating the financial needs of a broader range of LBR customers in the U.
CO: General Motors Corporation ST: Michigan IN: AUT SU: LBR
Separately, Pennsylvania's insurance regulators are required to rehear CIGNA's LBR transaction.