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Timber sawn or split in the form of beams, boards, joists, planks, etc., esp. that which is smaller than heavy timber. Also see board, 1, dimension lumber, matched boards, and yard lumber.
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What Is the Optimum Number of Oocytes Associated with the Highest LBR? Sunkara and colleagues in their study demonstrated a firm relationship between the number of oocytes retrieved and LBR.
The multiple regression analysis showed that the predictive factors for CPR and LBR were maternal age (odds ratio [ OR ]: −0.214, 95% confidence interval [ CI ]: 0.616–0.931, P = 0.001 for CPR; OR : −0.214, 95% CI : 1.074–1.624, P = 0.013 for LBR) and AFC ( OR : 0.001, 95% CI : 0.998–1.003 P = 0.005 for CPR; OR : 0.001, 95% CI : 0.997–1.002, P = 0.008 for LBR).
The LBR protocol uses rlf(n) and link-ETX values to find a path which has the smallest end-to-end ETX value and the minimum remaining load factor of the nodes in the path is the highest.
* The Ford/Loral LBR required an exposed gunner and man-in-loop throughout its rapid flight.
The current manager of the LBR is the local steering committee (LSC), which is composed of multiple stakeholders such as political and traditional authorities, local NGOs, and funding representatives.
About 10 g cleaned seeds were grouped into black (BL), dark brown (DBR) and light brown (LBR) seed coat colors (Fig.
(2) The research findings described in this news release can be found in Cell under the title "LBR and Lamin A/C Sequentially tether Peripheral Heterochromatin and Inversely Regulate Differentiation".
Is it not time, in Australia at least, lbr a rigorous independent review of public library database access, use and return on investment led by National and State Libraries Australasia?
My personal favorite is the variable annuity (VA) with a living benefit rider (LBR).
The key to CDI is the use of a Laser Beam Recorder (LBR), equipment that was developed for recording high definition or standard definition digital data.
The proposal comes after a state task force failed to decide on a plan lbr colleges to raise money.
* Canon created new functionalities with the effective utilization of the spillover effect and sharing learning between copying machines and LBR