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LBX revealed its new facility on 25 acres in the Citation Business Park on Remington Way.
The product will be available for all current LBX Series with the much anticipated version 4.0 of the Elfiq Operating System.
"Compared to fluorescent lighting, the LBX luminaires are 50 percent more energy efficient," he notes, "which can reduce energy use by up to 40 percent when combined with Philips control systems such as occupancy sensors and dimming capabilities.
The sloping roof is illuminated by Lumenbeam Large and LBX flood lighting fixtures.
Further, the company said that the new company opened an Internet shopping site known as IBALE (URL: selling Chinese and Japanese health-related products to the Chinese market, deploying's e-commerce knowhow and operational efficiency of the LBX pharmacy chain.
LBx stands for "location-based x," a nod to the idea that "all products and services are connected to location.
To make room for its rapidly growing business, LBX purchased nine acres to accommodate an office building, as well as a separate distribution and training campus location.
The couple had been living in Kentucky as the husband was assigned to LBX Co., a U.S.
The first member of the Ecovio family, designated LBX 8145, contains 45% polylactic acid (PEA), a corn-derived material, which is being provided by NatureWorks LLC.
The company, which has been chosen to run the Local Business Exchange (LBX) in the West Midlands, added it had enjoyed a busy start to 2004.
Once the building's floorplate sizes were determined for LBX, the makers of Link Belt excavators and the building tenant, a chain reaction of orders took place to facilitate the simultaneous fabrication and delivery of the building's components.