Le Monde

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Monde, Le


a French daily evening newspaper. It has been published in Paris since Dec. 19, 1944. Le Monde is intended for the intelligentsia and the liberal bourgeoisie. It carries extensive information on political events in France and, especially, abroad, which it interprets usually from the position of bourgeois objectivism. Circulation, 513,100 (1975). [16–1551–2; updated]

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If the Frenchman in question is indeed, as I suppose, innocent of this atrocity, this advertisement which I left last night, upon our return home, at the office of 'Le Monde,' (a paper devoted to the shipping interest, and much sought by sailors,) will bring him to our residence."
My wife and I enjoyed a heavy dose of designer retail therapy just 200 miles up the M6 and M74 in Edinburgh, staying in the lap of luxury at the Scottish capital's fabulous new Le Monde themed hotel.
"Vue d'ensemble de l'offre de services distines a aider a conquerir le monde des cyberaffaires et a favoriser l'essor de botre petite ou moyenne entreprise tourisitique".
Although Le Monde likes almost none of our shows and its critics consign the current productions at the Opera to the category of clunkers, alien to all innovation, it seemed to me that our very wide public still approves and supports our work.
The daily newspaper, Le Monde, dedicated an entire page to the scientifically inexplicable cure of an illness that began affecting Jean-Pierre Bely in 1972.
A book has been published by Fayard in France that examines the newspaper Le Monde and claims that it abuses its power to influence French politics.
For in-depth reportage and analysis of international affairs there are few sources that compare with the French monthly Le Monde diplomnatique.
Il y offre aux amateurs d'avantures ecotouristiques de partout dans le monde des visites guidees des routes empruntees par ses ancetres.
The conglom filed a 1 million euro ($944,000) libel lawsuit against French daily Le Monde for a front-page story claiming the French media and utility conglom experienced a cash crunch and nearly defaulted on its debt at the end of 2001.
Le Monde lamented "a new error in prognostication, after the initial error at the end of 1998, when the experts prematurely claimed the end of the dollar's hegemony on the international financial scene."