Leadbeater's Possum

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Leadbeater’s Possum


(Gymnobelideus leadbeateri), a mammal of the family Phalangeridae. The body measures approximately 14 cm in length, and the tail approximately 16 cm. The back is gray, and the underparts are yellow. The animal is distributed in Australia, in the southeastern part of the state of Victoria. A nocturnal animal, it inhabits forests. Leadbeater’s possum is extremely rare.

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WOTCH believes the most immediate and effective way to protect these precious forests is to identify colonies of critically endangered Leadbeater's Possums.
They provide critical habitat to some of Victoria's most unique and threatened species, such as the state's faunal emblem, the critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum and the vulnerable Greater Glider.
WOTCH volunteers also strongly believe that in order to ensure the ongoing survival of the Leadbeater's Possum, logging must immediately halt in all areas where colonies are known to exist.
Leadbeater's Possums were detected at 29 of the 180 survey sites (16%; 22 sites in State Forest and 7 sites in parks and reserves).
This survey effort resulted in 59 new site records (44 in national park and 15 in state forest) for Leadbeater's Possums at 12 localities.
During 2011 and 2012, the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE) radio-tracked Leadbeater's Possums in the Powelltown area to investigate whether the species regularly cross roads or whether roads are likely to fragment local populations.
Standing, burned large trees that contain hollows can make a regenerating stand suitable for Leadbeater's possums within 10 years of a fire.
For example, virtually the entire known distribution of the nationally endangered Leadbeater's possum, one of the state's faunal emblems, occurs in the montane ash forests of this region.
Large areas of montane ash forests have been logged for the production of pulp and timber, which also decreases the available Leadbeater's possum habitat.
Some Leadbeater's Possums also are found in sub-alpine forest of Snow Gum E.
Breeding is monogamous between a pair of Leadbeater's Possums and will remain that way for the entire life span.
the last two captive Leadbeater's Possums died at Healesville Sanctuary.