Leaders and Trailers

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Leaders and Trailers


the segments needed for loading and setting motion-picture film or magnetic tape. In motion-picture film, these segments are either super or standard.

Super leaders protect the beginning of each film reel from damage and tearing, while super trailers protect the end of each reel. Super leaders and trailers are segments of blank and undamaged film, 10 to 30 cm in length. They are attached to either the standard leader or trailer. Standard leaders and trailers are used in identifying and loading film. They are also used in the film’s transitional segment. The identifying segment indicates the film’s title, the number and part (beginning or end) of the reel, and information about the film’s technical production. The loading segment contains information necessary for the correct loading of the film into the film gate and around the sound head of the projector. The transitional segment contains information that ensures the smooth continuity of the film in switching from one projector to another.

On magnetic tape sound tracks, leaders and trailers are used both to protect and identify the tape. The leaders and trailers are made of a section of the magnetic tape base that does not include the magnetic track. They are then covered with a colored coating. The leaders and trailers on professional sound tracks contain printed or written information, such as the name of the recording and its running time. Leaders are sometimes color-coded in green, yellow, blue, or brown to indicate speeds of 38, 19,9.5, or 4.75 cm/sec. A red segment is used for the trailer. A white leader is inserted to separate different recordings. The number of recordings and track are printed on the leaders and trailers of tape recordings for home use.

Leaders and trailers on professional videotapes consist of segments of magnetic tape that protect the beginning and end of the video track from damage, identify the recording, and provide test signals for tuning the apparatus.


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Wilson reports that to come back to a given polarity relation between the leaders and trailers takes two 11-year cycles, providing further evidence for an overall 22-year cycle.