Leading Article

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Leading Article


an introductory article of a newspaper or journal; it is written by an editor or, occasionally, by a contributor.

In the party and Soviet press, leading articles are an important means for propagandizing the CPSU’s policies in all spheres of public life. Leading articles in social and political periodicals interpret and comment on major current events and on the tasks of the domestic and foreign policy of the CPSU and the Soviet government; they also advocate innovations, criticize shortcomings, and point out practical solutions for current tasks of communist construction. The distinguishing trait of leading articles is their making of broad conclusions from individual facts. In specialized newspapers and journals, leading articles usually deal with vital issues concerning development and perfection of the national economy and culture.


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The language used of the president of Pakistan in your leading article is offensive and flouts the norms of decent journalism," he wrote.
Macedonia is ranked among the countries with a slight danger of political violence, Emin Azemi comments in Friday's leading article adding that fortunately in Macedonia there are no manifestations that lead to political violence or terrorist attacks.
SIR - The Western Mail has once again illustrated the wastefulness of having 22 county councils governing in Wales, in its leading article on June 29 entitled "We must grasp the nettle and reform our costly councils".
Your leading article ( Post, July 27) brought it to my mind.
YOUR paper's recent leading article, in which Liverpool Lord Mayor Alan Dean expressed his misgivings over the apparent reluctance of city planners to favour tall structures, made painful reading.
Macedonian citizens impatiently are waiting to see the election result and the new government of this country that has so many unsolved problems, comments Ardijan Ramadani in Friday's leading article.
SIR - I read with concern your leading article of Monday, March 3 on the scrapping of hospital parking charges.
Sir, - I have just read the leading article in the perspective section, (Post, Dec, 27), concerning congestion charging.