League of American Writers

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League of American Writers


an association of leftoriented American writers, a part of the democratic and antifascist movement of the 1930’s.

The First Congress of the League of American Writers (April 1935) discussed the relation of the writer to public life and the fascist threat. The Second Congress (June 1937) took place during the events in Spain and the consolidation of the antifascist struggle (E. Hemingway’s address “The Writer and War”). At the Third (June 1939) and Fourth (June 1941) Congresses discussions were generally confined to narrow literary problems. The League of American Writers ceased to exist in the fall of 1942.


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Wright challenges Harris by asserting Levin's Communist credentials: He notes that Levin "is a member of the League of American writers, an organization which commits its members to a str uggle through their craft against war, against Fascism, for the protection of national minority groups and for the preservation of culture.
Les originaux dactylographies de ces discours, rediges en anglais et retouches de la main d'Aragon, se trouvent sous les cotes MS A3:8/A4 (8 pages) et MS A3:8/A5 (9 pages), dans les archives de la League of American Writers conservees a l'Universite de Californie (Berkeley).
I greet the great League of American Writers and its guests, President Benes and Thomas Mann, who are symbols of freedom of thought and writing; I greet the writers of America as comrades in the trenches in which we are not seeking to deal out death but to create life.
As the representative among you of the international secretariat of the Writers' Association for the Defense of Culture, of which the League of American Writers is the American affiliate, I wish briefly to stress the importance and the significance of the international bonds between writers and the necessity for combined action among the writers of the various free countries, if we desire that the defense of culture should not remain just an expression in this period when it is evident to all that free human thought, the dignity of the human being, progress and independence of the mind, are placed in constant and grave peril.
It was the International Writers' Association which created and sponsored in various countries Spanish intellectual aid committees, and I desire to thank the League of American Writers, which did not fall down in this task.
In the thirties she became a leftist journalist and fiction writer affiliated with the League of American Writers.
As Hosannas over the collapse of the left fill the air, I have been taking a hard look at the League of American Writers (LAW), an organization in which many bright, opinionated, influential people were involved from 1935 through 1942.
Citizen writers, if they persist here, can shake off the effects of Writergate and assume a more creative role in society--a role akin to the one they sought in the days of the League of American Writers.
Margaret Walker's journal of June 1939 records that she was introduced to Herndon and Alain Locke by Langston Hughes at the League of American Writers Congress (Daemonic 129).
There is even a passing mention of her part in founding the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League, her support of the Scottsboro Boys, and her membership in the League of American Writers.
In the 1930s Frank apparently overcame his sense of the "unreality" of activism, getting assaulted by sheriff's deputies during an investigation among striking miners in Harlan County, Kentucky, and serving briefly as President of the Communist-led League of American Writers.

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