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Textual Foundations of the "Least Restrictive Environment Available" Approach
services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.(74) The principles of least restrictive environment and mainstreaming complement each other in important ways.
58) and the effects of the "least restrictive environment" aspect of the law.
If implemented, the child experiencing even mild learning problems could be served without necessitating the inappropriate and disdaining consequences that labeling can create in the least restrictive environment.
To accomplish ECHC's goal of enabling all patients to receive appropriate care in the least restrictive environment, the new 151,000-square-foot facility was built with the idea of using a "Matrix Model" of care, which emphasizes community reentry through creating a normalizing environment.
I say this because the primary intent of the article was to promote the concept of the "most appropriate placement" instead of the "least restrictive environment" in the decision-making process for developing an appropriate educational plan to meet the educational needs of students who are blind or visually impaired.
In addition, this new model supported the principle that students should be educated in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).
Passed in 1975, IDEA guarantees disabled students a free and public education in the least restrictive environment possible.
Least restrictive environment (LRE) has to be redefined ("If I Wrote the Special Education Law," November).
4) Least Restrictive Environment is the principle that students with disabilities, to the greatest degree possible, must have access to the general curriculum and be taught with their nondisabled peers.
However, correctional experts have long agreed that corrections' objectives often can be met by using the least restrictive environment that is reasonably possible.
For example, you might complete an assignment on teaching philosophy pertaining to "least restrictive environment" after reading the chapter on physical development.