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a nation and the main population of Lebanon, numbering about 2.5 million (1972 estimate). They speak Arabic, and according to the official 1932 census, slightly more than half are Christians (Maronites, Orthodox, Catholics, and other groups); the rest are Muslims (Sunnites, Shiites, Druzes). The chief occupations are farming (citrus fruit, olives, vegetables, tobacco) and sericulture, and a large number of Lebanese are employed in industry.


Narody Perednei Azii. Moscow, 1957.
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there are] many residents of Lebanese heritage and so it was only fitting for me to write the motion and celebrate great Lebanese heritage," he added.
Serious talks were made in the course of the Lebanese Defense Minister Samir Moqbel's visit to Tehran in that respect," he said in an interview with Lebanon's Al Ahd news website, adding that some countries have not kept their promises to assist the Lebanese Army and contribute to it so far.
Zeina Toutounji, a publicist and translator who's been representing Lebanon at Cannes since the 'Lebanese Pavilion' first opened nine years ago, says when it comes to Lebanese cinema, most people at the festival have a base of knowledge.
Lebanese Army: Big Numbers of FSA Militia Members Attacked Army Center in Ersal Earlier on Saturday, the Lebanese Army said that big numbers of gunmen affiliated to the so-called "Free Syrian Army'' militias attacked a center for the Lebanese army in Ersal area, but no casualties were reported.
I think of Lebanese food as more of a Mediterranean cuisine, rather than an Arabic one," explains executive chef Paul Hage, who has responsibility for the Al Basha Lebanese Restaurant at Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa in Dubai.
They are usually very quiet and hardly heard, but in reality, the contribution of the Lebanese to Ghana's economic development is rather deafening.
The statement added that during his separate meetings with Suleiman and Commander of the Lebanese army, Jean Kahwaji, Mattis "stressed that the U.
A Lebanese security source told Petra that the officers conducted the survey in the area between the Fatima Gate to the village of Edeisa in South Lebanon near where Tuesday''s clash occurred in which two Lebanese soldiers, a Lebanese journalist and an Israeli officer were killed.
It was the most serious clash in four years, the victims included two Lebanese soldiers and an Israeli army officer.
In the name of Lebanon and its people, I welcome you all a through the Lebanese community in the UAE, I greet this good land that embraced us with the loyalty and solidarity of the United Arab Emirates, its government and people.
According to the Jordanian daily Al Rai, the famous Lebanese artist Diana Haddad is meetings with a number of Lebanese composers to choose songs in the Lebanese dialect.
Back in its same but expanded location after a prolonged absence, Phoenicia has moved to a traditional and contemporary Lebanese culinary direction, much changed from its original continental menu.

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