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The main thrust of this study is that Lebanon is divided between those who uphold its pre-Islamic past and those in favor of its Islamic history.
In July, when Israel's destruction of Lebanon had accelerated, a variation of this discourse began to emerge: the notion that one cannot rightly distinguish between terrorists and civilians because most of the civilians in Lebanon were either in cahoots or sympathy with Hizbullah.
Hezbollah and its ally the Amal Party represent the vast majority of the Shiites--believed to comprise between 35 percent and 40 percent of the population--in Lebanon today.
Israel then launched a month of air and ground attacks on Lebanon, targeting the Beirut airport and major highways (to cut supply routes for Iranian arms coming into Lebanon from Syria), and parts of Beirut and other civilian areas where Israel believed Hezbollah fighters were hiding.
I'm outraged at the death and destruction of the people of Lebanon and Palestine,'' protester Christine Browning said.
In this paper, I suggest that Lebanon has been so much at the crossroads of globalization (whether one defines globalization as beginning 1,000 or 300 or 50 years ago), that it is difficult and perhaps not meaningful to articulate "authentic" Lebanese family child-rearing discourses and practices.
To some economists, it describes the policies that allowed Lebanon to achieve impressive prosperity in a limited time.
His father Joseph Trumbull was a hardworking and apparently uneducated Connecticut farmer and trader who, though highly regarded in his hometown of Lebanon, had failed to climb above his humble social status.
In arguing his thesis, Khalaf presents evidence to show how civil strife transformed into uncivil violence and what can be done to rescue Lebanon from this tragedy.
Even before Israel unilaterally ended its occupation of south Lebanon and withdrew its forces in July 2000, it has been willing to reach a peace agreement with Lebanon.
The Maronite Bishops of Lebanon are concerned about the fate of the Christian communities in South Lebanon, and insist that the security of the civilian population be guaranteed, preferably by the army and Lebanese security forces, or, alternatively, by an international force.
The prospect of Lebanon joining the Middle East peace negotiations seems even more remote after Israeli warplanes bombed three Lebanese electricity sub-stations on 7 February, plunging most of Beirut into darkness.

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