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ancient Libanus, mountain range, c.100 mi (160 km) long, paralleling the Mediterranean Sea from S Lebanon N into Syria and rising steeply from the coast. Qurnet as Sawda (10,131 ft/3,088 m) is the highest peak.
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, mountain range.
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I am extremely impressed with the dedication and huge effort of the young men of Dubai Men's College to undertake such a physically demanding hike in the Lebanon mountains, as well as raise funds for two deserving children's charities.
The Lebanon Mountain Eco-Trail took the students across 120 kilometres of rolling hills in five days.
Damascus Countryside, (SANA)-Damascus countryside, located between the cliffs of al-Sheikh, Haramoun and eastern Lebanon mountains, is famous for its area and diverse geography where you can see plains and rivers in addition to a large number of fresh and sulfuric springs.
Galilee of the Gentiles" or "of the Nations" was located in the shadows of the Lebanon Mountains.
Militants who take of the Eastern Lebanon Mountains a haven, clashed with the Lebanese Army in August 2014.
One of Sulukdjian's favorite trails follows a tree-covered mountain path winding up the north Lebanon mountains, revealing Qornet Sawda, the highest point in the country, and nothing else.

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