a city and administrative center of Lipetsk Oblast, RSFSR, situated on both banks of the Don River, 62 km northwest of Lipetsk. A railroad station on the Elets-Troekurovo line.

Lebedian’ produces machinery, instruments, construction-finishing machines, refined sugar, canned goods, and bricks. It has a Soviet trade technicum, an agricultural technicum, and a teachers school. Lebedian’ was first settled in the 16th century and was incorporated as a city in 1779.


Volynchikov, N., S. Nikitina, and P. Chermenskii. Lebedian’. Lipetsk, 1962.
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Lebedian, a former Bear Stearns executive, had been co-head of JPMorgan's global prime brokerage since 2008, and has been the sole-head of the business since March, when his London-based co-head was transferred to a different position.
zheleznyakov street ( from the passage of battle to polovaya street), A section of the highway from the highway lebedians th to the street named after marshal p.