a lake in northern Poland, near the coast of the Baltic Sea. Area, 75 sq km; depth, up to 5 m. The shores are flat and swampy. The lake is separated from the sea by a sand bar. The Leba River empties into Łebsko Lake. The lake is connected with the sea by a channel.

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Contract award notice: Wykonanie zadan ochronnych na jeziorach Lebsko i Gardno w latach 2017-2019.
Zadanie nr 1 jeziorze Lebsko w latach 2017-2019 Zadanie nr 2 jeziorze Gardno w latach 2017-2019 znajdujacych sie na terenie Slowinskiego Parku Narodowego i obszarach Natura 2000 2.
clavata occurred with the highest mean intensity in perch compared with other fish species from Lebsko Lagoon.
Metazoan parasites of fish from the Lebsko Lagoon (Central Coast, Poland).
The best equivalent may be Lake Lebsko near Slupsk, Poland.
More than half of its 182 square kilometre area is covered by lakes; the two largest, Lebsko and Gardno, are former sea bays, cut off from the Baltic by the Leba sand bar, which stretches some 30 kilometres from Leba, westwards to the fishing village of Rowy.
Contract notice: Implementation of protection tasks on the lake and the lake gardno lebsko involving regulation of the species composition of fish fauna by catches of fish and other treatments