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nickname of

Huddie William Ledbetter,

1885–1949, American singer, b. Mooringsport, La. While wandering through Louisiana and Texas, he earned a living by playing the guitar for dances. For a time he joined with Blind Lemon Jefferson, the blues singer, who influenced his future style. Leadbelly's blues and work songs are a survival of the earliest African-American music (see jazzjazz,
the most significant form of musical expression of African-American culture and arguably the most outstanding contribution the United States has made to the art of music. Origins of Jazz

Jazz developed in the latter part of the 19th cent.
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). He was jailed in 1918 for murder and put on a chain gang; he was pardoned in 1925 but was again put in jail for attempted murder (1930–34) and for assault (1939–40). The folklorist John A. LomaxLomax, John Avery
, 1867–1948, American folklorist, b. Goodman, Miss. Lomax's first book, Cowboy Songs (1910), contained for the first time in print such songs as "The Old Chisholm Trail," "Git Along Home Little Dogies," and "Home on the Range.
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 discovered Leadbelly in prison and used his songs for a book, Negro Folk Songs as Sung by Lead Belly (1936). In the 1940s Leadbelly made numerous nightclub appearances, accompanying himself on his 12-string guitar; in 1949 he made a concert tour in France.


real name Huddie Ledbetter. 1888--1949, US blues singer and guitarist


See Ledbetter, Huddie.
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Survivors include three sisters, Doris Peters, Norma (Terry) Thaxton and Lisa (Richard) Isom, all of Harrisburg; two brothers, Thomas Ledbetter and John (Cheryl) Ledbetter, both of Harrisburg; special nieces, Kim Hubbard and Lori Ledbetter; numerous other nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews; two aunts, Donna Denbo and Ruby Ailene Walker; and two uncles, Bob (Paula) Shewmake and Gilbert Ledbetter.
Then Ledbetter went to his room and came back with a real gun - a Hi-Point 9mm handgun - around 6:45 p.
That doesn't make sense to me," Obama said, pointing to McCain's opposition on a previous iteration of the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which sought to overturn the Supreme Court loss.
To give growers added guidance, Ledbetter and his colleagues compared the overall quality of Sunpreme grapes grown under three irrigation levels and two pruning techniques.
Stacey Mathes, a former loan officer, and Tonya Payne, a former accounting clerk, pleaded guilty to a bank larceny charge and both individuals must serve the same sentence as Ledbetter.
Ledbetter joined SCBT in 2002 as mortgage production manager for the Greenville Region.
Ledbetter wrote extensively about Arkansas history, including the biography "Carpenter From Conway" about Arkansas Gov.
In the 10 years since Goodbye, Babylon, Ledbetter has continued to push the bar ever higher with Dust-to-Digital.
Ledbetter offers insight on the North American Securities Administrators Association's Investor Bill of Rights and how individuals can maximize protection:
Ledbetter of Texas Christian University have explored how specific online communication attitudes-such as individuals' tendency for online self-disclosure, online social connection, and online anxiety-predicted their compulsive and excessive Internet use and, in turn, poor well-being.
CASE FACTS: Guy Ledbetter had a history of diabetes which grew worse over time requiring increased medical intervention.