Ledo Road

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Ledo Road:

see Burma RoadBurma Road,
in China and Myanmar, extending from the railhead of Lashio, Myanmar, to Kunming, Yunnan prov., China. About 700 mi (1,130 km) long and constructed through rough mountain country, it was a remarkable engineering achievement.
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Blockade of the Ledo road and other places in the district generate troubles for residents' livelihood.
Having experienced the Jim Crow brutality of being assigned to construction of the Ledo Road through Burma to China for the use of the forces of Chiang Kai-shek and plagued by a deteriorating mental state, Perry shot and killed a white officer before fleeing into the jungle in front of a massive manhunt.
In Burma, Army engineers begin construction of the Ledo Road over the mountains to link Burma and China.
Myanmar has designated a remote valley surrounding the Ledo Road, once a vital supply route for the Allied powers during the Second World War, as the country's largest nature reserve.
Then there were there the 10,000 Black troops who constructed the 1,044-mile Ledo Road, which connected China with India and proved vital to U.
Reopening of the Ledo road was a priority agenda, Mithi disclosed.