Lee Day

Lee (Robert E.) Day

Third Monday in January
The Confederate General Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19, 1807. He was in charge of the military and naval forces of Virginia during the Civil War, building a reputation as a brilliant military strategist and a man who inspired great loyalty among his troops. By the time he was appointed general-in-chief of all the Confederate armies, the South's defeat was imminent. Lee's subsequent surrender to General Ulysses S. Grant at the Appomattox Court House in 1865 marked the end of the war ( see Appomattox Day).
In 1889 Georgia became the first state to make Lee's birthday a legal holiday. Other states observing Lee's birthday each year include Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi. Texas observes Lee's birthday as Confederate Heroes Day .
National Park Service
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Turkey Run Park
McLean, VA 22101
Stratford Hall Plantation
Birthplace of Robert E. Lee
485 Great House Rd.
Stratford, VA 22558
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It features a creative staff of director Aaron Gomez, music director Charlie Sommers, choreographer Shannon Lee Day, producer Jeff Schiewe, stage manager Kathie Comella, and park district liaison Stephanie Peters.
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After Congress finally passed a bill making King's birthday a federal holiday in 1983, Alabama was one of three states to take the outrageous step of combining King Day with Robert E Lee Day. That's right: Alabama celebrates these two divergent historical figures on the same day.
Lee Day, currently celebrated as one holiday in January, separated into two different days.
Lee Day, 22, walked into Middlesbrough Central police station and said he had stolen coffee and food from two town centre shops in July.
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Keeper Courtney Belford then gifted Dunkirk a lifeline, allowing Lee Day to dispossess him and score from an acute angle.
Lee Day reduced the arrears seven minutes from time before Weale claimed his second of the game with a late penalty.
CHRISTOPHER LEE DAY, MPH, MBA, is strategy advisor for Humana Inc.
"In February while I was there, they had Stonewall Jackson and Lee Day," he said.