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(both: lĕfkäs`) or


(lo͞o`kəs), mountainous island (1991 pop. 19,350), c.115 sq mi (300 sq km), W Greece, in the Ionian Sea; one of the Ionian IslandsIonian Islands
, chain of islands (1991 pop. 193,734), c.890 sq mi (2,310 sq km), W Greece, in the Ionian Sea, along the coasts of Epirus and the Peloponnesus. The group is made up of Kérkira, Paxoí, Lefkás, Kefallinía, Itháki,
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. Lefkás (1991 pop. 6,344), the chief town and the capital of Lefkás prefecture, is at the northern end of the island. Olive oil, currants, wine, and tobacco are produced. The island was colonized (7th cent. B.C.) by Corinthians, and Corinth and Lefkás were allies in the Peloponnesian WarPeloponnesian War
, 431–404 B.C., decisive struggle in ancient Greece between Athens and Sparta. It ruined Athens, at least for a time. The rivalry between Athens' maritime domain and Sparta's land empire was of long standing. Athens under Pericles (from 445 B.C.
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. Lefkás later was the capital of the Acarnanian League (3d cent. B.C.). The island was captured (1697) from the Ottoman Turks by Venice, which held it until 1797. There are ruins of Cyclopean walls and a temple to Apollo Leukates. Sappho is said, probably falsely, to have committed suicide by plunging into the sea from a cliff of the island. Lefkás is also known as Santa Maura.
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We picked up our beautiful 41ft boat called Plan B at the company's base in Vlikho on the island of Lefkas.
The company is also offering seven-night holiday to Lefkas - Greece with fares starting from GBP289 per person.
93 million) bunkering vessel, the MT Lefkas, in the South African Port of Port Elizabeth.
On arrival in Gran Canaria before the start of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) she appeared on the front page of the local newspaper, after meeting a reporter in her home base of Lefkas in Greece.
The third largest of the Ionian Islands - which include Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas and Kefalonia - Zante's most famous landmark is Navagio Beach, also known as Smuggler's Cove.
Members of the research-based folk dance group 'Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry' had performed in Lefkas International Folklore Festival in Lefkada, Greece in 2012.
Lefkas might be the fourth largest Ionian Island, but it's the unspoilt stuff of imaginations.
Windsurf: lessons Windsurf Greece THE ITINERARY: From the airport on the Ionian island of Lefkas, transfer to the glorious Club Vassiliki, one of the world's largest windsurfing centres, where everything is customised to all abilities.
Single occupancy is PS1,000pppw (down from PS1,313) or, for those wishing to make their own way to Sunvil's embarkation point on Lefkas, flight-exclusive weeks are from PS450pp.
Lefkas Hospitality is taking the remaining 750s/f, with an entrance at 139 East 12th Street, for its second gourmet coffee and wine bar location.
The group reportedly paid 20 million euros to acquire marinas on Corfu Island, Lefkas Island and the Peloponnese, and said it would oversee extensive renovations to the properties.
LATE DEALS THEMED HOLIDAYS SAILING IN GREECE: Seafarer Sailing (020 8324 3118) offers two weeks for price of one, from pounds 535, on deps April 17, with week at a beach club followed by seven nights on waters around Lefkas and Megtanisi.