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What does it mean when you dream about luggage?

Luggage may indicate the dreamer wants a vacation. Alternatively, it may mean it is time to move on.

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The micropub comprises what used to be the station's parcel and left luggage room as well as the old booking office which have both stood empty for years.
I arrived at my train on time but had forgotten to pick up my suitcase from left luggage.
In the arrivals hall at Level 0, there will be a left luggage service, incorporating baggage shipping and parcel delivery.
There were well constructed four classes of waiting rooms for the highly class conscious Victorians, a left luggage office, a porters' ' room, a lamp room and separate offices for the foreman porter, ticket collectors, booking and telegraph clerks and the station master.
In the minds of supporters, the mediocrity of Liverpool's league form was deposited in the left luggage room at Lime Street.
Two of the first rules of betting should be to view the battle in the long term and not to chase your losses, but where the festival is concerned those rules seem to be for calmer heads than mine and are usually checked in at the left luggage office on arrival.
The company provided wide-ranging security that included manned guarding services, perimeter patrolling, ticket checking, bag search and scanner searches, left luggage and mobile phone ticketing.
Ataturk International Airport is spacious and efficient with the full range of services , including, shops, cafes, restaurants, currency exchange and banking offices, baggage check, left luggage as well as an airport hotel.
Since then several of us have called First Great Western's left luggage department, checked eBay and all sorts, but we've had no luck finding it.
Around 7,000- 8,000 were handed in to left luggage by spectators, who were able to use them en route to the course and pick them up immediately afterwards.
Guests should also be aware that they can't ring reception from their room and that the hotel does not operate a left luggage service.