Legal Liability

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Liability, Legal


in a broad sense, punishment, state law enforcement—the application of the sanctions envisioned by law to a person guilty of violating a legal obligation. The state-coercive nature of legal liability is evident not only in its content (law enforcement measures such as deprivation of freedom, fines, and confiscation of the driver’s license are carried out by the state administrative apparatus) but also in the fact that legal sanctions are applied by special state agencies (for example, agencies of investigation or inquiry and courts). In the socialist state measures of legal liability are frequently used not only by state agencies but also, with state authorization, by such social organizations as trade unions and comrades’ courts.

There are different kinds of legal liability, including criminal, civil, administrative, and disciplinary, which are carried out through judicial, arbitration, administrative, and other procedures.

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Organizations that do so can both guard against legal liability and protect their most valuable asset: their reputations.
Coverage available for: Pollution legal liability, contractors' pollution liability, pollution/professional liability, pollution/CGL liability, lenders liability, products' pollution including mold products' pollution.
Mere sale or purchase of assets does not transfer legal liability or responsibility.
Two important considerations in this process are protection from legal liability for business debts and taxation of entity profits (or usability of business losses).
Gordon: As for legal liability, however, the same concerns apply in the nursing home as in the hospital.
As with pensions, the FASB has decided that, not-withstanding legal liability questions, the corporate promise to provide other postemployment benefits constitutes a liability for accounting purposes.
Coverages available: General liability, auto liability, wrongful acts, excess/umbrella liability, employment practices, special events, law enforcement liability, school board liability, educators legal liability, pollution.
For some, the benefits do not justify the personal commitment, media spotlight and legal liability that potentially accompany audit committee service.
Of the 435 employers surveyed, more than 68% cite legal liability as the primary reason to keep an eye on employees' online activity
That is why it is important to talk about risk management and legal liability from the beginning of any community outreach activity.