Legal Liability

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Liability, Legal


in a broad sense, punishment, state law enforcement—the application of the sanctions envisioned by law to a person guilty of violating a legal obligation. The state-coercive nature of legal liability is evident not only in its content (law enforcement measures such as deprivation of freedom, fines, and confiscation of the driver’s license are carried out by the state administrative apparatus) but also in the fact that legal sanctions are applied by special state agencies (for example, agencies of investigation or inquiry and courts). In the socialist state measures of legal liability are frequently used not only by state agencies but also, with state authorization, by such social organizations as trade unions and comrades’ courts.

There are different kinds of legal liability, including criminal, civil, administrative, and disciplinary, which are carried out through judicial, arbitration, administrative, and other procedures.

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As more fully discussed below, the proposed regulations would retain the general principle that tax is considered paid by the person who has legal liability under foreign law for the tax, but would, inter alia, clarify the application of the rule with respect to foreign consolidated-type regimes and with respect to reverse hybrids.
Administrative supervisors can limit their legal liability in this area by consistently providing the counselors they supervise with feedback and by providing opportunities for the counselors to correct mistakes (Remley & Herlihy).
By following these precautions, a facility will follow the sailing directions of Circe to "hug the cliff of Scylla," and thereby avoid exposure to legal liability.
* By implementing a loss-prevention service, the company can analyze, mitigate, and prevent legal liability and damage from a cyber attack.
According to a UPI report, one humanitarian official was cynical and said the "fate of victims is given less weight by UNHR than concerns over legal liability."
A new report from the General Accounting Office (GAO) states that the USDA Forest Service may have financial and legal liability for suspended or cancelled timber sales contracts.
Tread carefully," says another, pointing out the risk of "a lawsuit from an offended co-worker." [2] Such discussions "ought to be avoided" because of the risk of legal liability. [3] "[I]t's best to choose carefully who you share your remarks, your jokes, with....
When accidents happen, legal liability questions may be raised.
human rights subcommittee on Tuesday urged the Japanese government to admit its legal liability for women who were forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers before and during World War II, and requested it to pay compensation to those surviving.
The first chapter of the book contains a summary of the foundations of legal liability and is one of the best presentations of this particular material that I have seen in a book.
These include legal liability, information gathering, team building, search methods, temporal and geographical plotting of evidence, underwater excavation, evidence handling, medicolegal aspects of underwater death, and courtroom presentation.