Legal Representatives

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Legal Representatives


persons who, by virtue of the law and without special authority, appear in all institutions, including judicial ones, to protect the personal and property rights and the legal interests of persons who are legally incompetent, whose transactional capacity is restricted, or who are legally competent but because of their physical condition (old age, illness) are unable to exercise their rights and to fulfill their obligations. Under Soviet legislation, legal representatives, within the rights to which they are entitled by law, make all necessary transactions on behalf of the persons whom they represent and in their interest or give their consent for the making of those transactions which under the law the persons represented have no right to make independently. Legal representatives also help the persons they represent exercise their rights and fulfill their obligations, and they protect them from abuse by third parties.

In civil proceedings, legal representatives are parents, adoptive parents, or guardians of citizens appearing in the capacity of plaintiffs, defendants, or third parties. The competence of legal representatives is defined by the codes of civil procedure of the Union republics. In criminal proceedings, legal representatives are parents, adoptive parents, or guardians of the suspect, of the accused (prisoner), of the person with respect to whom the question of the application of compulsory medical measures has arisen, of the victim, of the civil plaintiff and defendant, and of the witness. If the guardianship is exercised by an institution or organization, the legal representatives are the representatives of these institutions or organizations. In criminal proceedings, legal representatives have an independent procedural status.

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But he took the position, nevertheless; acting as legal representative of the sole Executor under the second Will.
The legal representative of the dead man was left to provide for the necessities of the interment, and the witnesses were free to retire.
It was too powerful for the conscientious scruples of the old bachelor; at whose death, accordingly, the mansion-house, together with most of his other riches, passed into the possession of his next legal representative.
Persons (families) who are unable to care for themselves due to illness, disability, or age, and who do not have competent relatives or legal representatives who can provide assistance or care for them, and their relatives, legal representative (guardian , trustee), municipalities, NGOs, as well as (upon their consent) other persons apply with a request (it is necessary to indicate the absence of close relatives who can care for them siblings or step-siblings, sisters, husband or wife, children, adopted children and grandchildren) for placement in public institutions of social services to city and district departments of Azerbaijan's State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 07 (ANI): Actor Tanushree Dutta's legal representatives, led by advocate Nitin Satpute, on Sunday sought time to file a protest petition on the 'B Summary' report filed by Mumbai Police in the 10-year-old harassment case against actor Nana Patekar.
Legal Representatives: Melissa Hayward of Hayward & Associates, Dallas; and Joshua Mostyn of Mostyn Prettyman, Bentonville
Legal representatives from bodies including the Balochistan Bar Council, High Court Bar Association and the Quetta Bar Association were present at the occasion.
To proactively manage their divorce they could consider: 1) Round table meeting: Both parties and their legal representatives meet face-to-face to discuss and agree aspects of their divorce.
Relying on these general rules, until very recently the Egyptian law has given classical and consistent answers to questions of criminal liability of companies and their legal representatives. These answers have recently seen a slight change due to amendments introduced to the some Egyptian laws.
As Presiding Judge Re stated, the closing arguments "are an important part of trials conducted under international criminal law procedural rules (...) and allow the Prosecution and Defence to argue based on the entirety of the evidence before the Trial Chamber whether the Prosecution has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt." The Legal Representatives of Victims summarized the views and concerns of the victims in their closing arguments before the Trial Chamber.
Unfortunately, the legal representatives of the majority owners initially refused our offer to mediate, questioning whether it was genuine, and bizarrely accused the Trust of trying to harm the Club.

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