Legal Right

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Legal Right


(Russian, sub”ektivnoe pravo), a specific right of a natural or juridical person; that is, the capacity, affirmed by law, to act in a certain manner and to require certain actions (or restraint from actions) on the part of other persons. Thus, a property owner may own, use, and dispose of his property and require that other persons refrain from infringement on his right. When a person’s legal right has been violated, that person has recourse to the coercive power of the state for the realization and protection of his right—for example, he has recourse to the courts.

As to the mode of protection, absolute and conditional rights may be distinguished. The possessor of an absolute legal right may require certain specific actions (or restraint from actions) on the part of an indeterminately broad group of persons. Thus, an author has the right to protect his work’s integrity; he may prohibit any person from making additions, deletions, or changes and may require the performance of actions necessary to the restoration of the right violated. The possessor of a conditional legal right may make claims only of a specific person or group of persons—for example, the creditor has the right to make claims of the debtor.

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Making internet access a legal right also helps in bringing connectivity to hard-to-reach areas.
Acas has existing good practice guidance on managing bereavement at work and we are working on revising our advice to incorporate this new legal right.
I presume he means he has taken legal rights from the family and given them to the " people" and the State.
Legal systems are generally a reflection of the society in which they operate, thus lawmakers created clear boundaries between those who had legal rights and those who did not.
Mr Burnham, pictured below, said ministers were also considering whether to give patients a legal right to chose to die at home, and to access an NHS dentist.
And you personally make sure that the accused people will enjoy all freedoms and legal rights to defend themselves and their rights will not be violated," it added.
Telstra's angry shareholders also have no legal right to stop Telstra from paying Trujillo the $20 million.
But, whether you have a will or not, certain legal rights must be observed, although if you die intestate - that is, without a will - prior rights must be satisfied first.
If a partner has the legal right to sue other partners for reimbursement or is entitled to a contribution from them, the partner will not be at risk.
LEGAL RIGHT, a top-class but fragile chaser when trained by Jonjo O'Neill, is set to have his first race for over three years at Wetherby on Saturday for new trainer Lucinda Russell, writes Bill Barber.
Branch's speech reminded me of a 1972 article by Suzannah Lessard we published while he was here entitled "A Legal Right, A Moral Choice" its point was that liberals were justified in insisting that abortion was a legal right, but that all too often they were wrong in not acknowledging the gravity of the moral decision involved.
Once any one legal right is given to any one nonhuman animal, the legal inquiry for basic rights can begin to shift from the question of `are you a human being?

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