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1. the act or process of making laws; enactment
2. the laws so made
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(1) One of the basic methods by which the state exercises its functions, consisting in the promulgation of laws by agencies of state power. In the USSR legislation is the exclusive prerogative of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (Constitution of the USSR, 1971, art. 32) and of the Supreme Soviets of the Union and autonomous republics. The enactment of legislation is the most important activity of the Supreme Soviets, since the laws they promulgate encompass the most important aspects of the country’s economic, sociocultural, and political development, as well as the fundamental problems of foreign policy.

(2) The body of legal norms regulating social relations as a whole or one of the forms of social relations, including civil and criminal legislation.

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Once formally registered, a European citizens' initiative allows 1 million citizens from at least 7 of the Member States to invite the European Commission to propose a legal act in areas where the Commission has the power to do so.
For those who do not have the legal capacity to exercise rights, legal acts are concluded on their behalf by their legal representatives, i.e.
He had no right to issue such legal act", is said in the statement of the Ministry of Economy,
Meanwhile, the Regulation provides for specific rules regulating only the aspects of national legal acts which may negatively affect the persons who have exercised the right to free movement of workers and have encountered differences among social security systems of several Member States.
One of the objectives of Lithuanian construction sector development strategy until 2012 is creating a legal act and normative document system for regulating the construction business compliant with the EU requirements and based on the best practices of the world.
ENPNewswire-July 30, 2019--ECB publishes legal acts relating to targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTROs)
The juridical literature uses the notion of legal act in two different manners, having two understandings.
legislative package is approved, several legal acts on public health will be improved, and the connected business processes will reduce.
This legal act sets provisions governing transfer of objects of tangible cultural heritage and adjacent territories to private entrepreneurs.
Administrative capacities and information technologies are also being developed.- Labour law: the main legal act Labour Code is almost drafted and this will regulate main aspects of labour relations within the requirements of the EU.
The true purpose of this decision was to ascertain whether each of these budget lines was based on a primary act - a legal act under secondary legislation authorising Community expenditure.