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informed consent,

in medicine, a patient's written consent to a surgical or medical procedure or other course of treatment, given after the physician has told the patient all of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives involved. Informed consent is also required for participation in clinical studies. The concept of informed consent is based on the principle that a physician has a duty to disclose to a patient information that allows the patient to make a reasonable decision regarding his or her own treatment. There is debate over whether special populations, such as children and the mentally ill, can really be considered to have given informed consent.
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The legal consent age is set at a minimum of 18 years in states such as Arizona, California, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, Okhlahoma and Tennessee.
The Comment will close with a proposed framework for permitting legal consent to SM sex while maintaining practical limits on this consent.
Brett Oils Limited admitted breaching its legal Consent to Discharge into the Tyne.
Parents are expected to give legal consent to their child's service providers and to sign release forms permitting a multitude of others to access records they themselves may not be permitted to see.
The level crossing was never intended to be a main thoroughfare for vehicular traffic for which there is no legal consent.
The prosecution says she knew the boys were not yet 16 and under the age of legal consent for sex.
Even though I can speak Spanish on a limited level, there is no way that I can handle legal consent and other health issues.
Only a finding of legal consent could properly have absolved Valdez of blame and rightly insulated him from legal consequences, and inasmuch as it seems clear that Wilson's choice--albeit an autonomous and fully informed one--was hardly made under circumstances of adequate freedom, the grand jury could not have fairly said that her factual consent satisfied the requirements of legal consent.
Although the right of legal consent is taken away for sexual relations with partners with certain specified age differences, because statutory rape is non-forced, it is mutually consenting between partners (except, perhaps, as defined by South Carolina law).
RAPE: noun: carnal knowledge of a woman without her legal consent.