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in law, the rules that govern the obtaining of legal redress. This article deals only with civil procedure in Anglo-American law (for criminal procedure, see criminal law).
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in the USSR, an official written order to appear in court. A telegram or telephone message is equivalent to a legal summons. The summons states who is being called and in what capacity, where and before whom the person must appear, and the time of the appearance. It also indicates the consequences of failure to appear, for example, a witness may be forced to appear or a defendant’s measure of restraint may be made more severe.

The summons is also used to order citizens to appear before an investigator or person conducting an inquiry.


a. an official order requiring a person to attend court, either to answer a charge or to give evidence
b. the writ making such an order
2. a call or command given to the members of an assembly to convene a meeting
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Dr Hadef Jua'an Al Daheri, Minister of Justice, said that laws will be changed to facilitate lawsuit management and legal summons in keeping with best international practices.
The court acquitted Tamimi of incitement - the central charge in the indictment, as well as from obstruction of justice and failure to attend legal summons charges.
The United States says it would withdraw its legal summons seeking names of UBS clients if it got account holder names, but it is unclear whether that condition has been met.
Because he could resist the legal summons, Courtney may be able to delay his return to face an aggravated murder charge.