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a red iron-containing protein, similar in a number of properties to the hemoglobin of blood, that forms in the root nodules of actively nitrogen-fixing leguminous plants of the genus Leguminosae.

Leghemoglobin is a product of the symbiosis of two organisms: it consists of a heme synthesized by nodule bacteria and a globin formed by the cells of a higher plant. Leghemoglobin is destroyed when the nodules lose their capacity for symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Leghemoglobin was isolated in 1939 from the nodules of horse beans. It was obtained in crystalline form in 1959 from soy nodules. Like other hemoproteins, leghemoglobin regulates the oxygen regime in the nodule.


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A nodulated legume has an increased need for iron compared to a nonnodulated plant [99] since this metal is a constituent of key proteins such as nitrogenase and leghaemoglobin. Nitrogenase is made up of two proteins; both are rich in iron and essential for activity.
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We know it is an effective siderophore and that it can make increased amounts of iron available from the soil to the rhizobia-plant symbiosis, which helps to make the heme protein in leghaemoglobin. This is one quarter of a human haemoglobin molecule and performs the same function.
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