Leghorn chicken

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Leghorn chicken,

relatively small, white-colored breed of poultrypoultry,
domesticated fowl kept primarily for meat and eggs; including birds of the order Galliformes, e.g., the chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, pheasant, quail, and peacock; and natatorial (swimming) birds, e.g., the duck and goose.
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 that currently dominates the American egg-producing class. The bird, as bred today, produces a good number of chalk white eggs, a feature which has brought it to the forefront of modern commercial egg production. Although only the "single comb" variety is popular today, many other strains with large egg, better shell, better interior egg qualities, or other desirable traits, are retained as breeding stock.
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Sonogram, ventromedian coupling, of a Leghorn chicken showing the ventriculus, muscular (M) and koilin (K) layers, and posterior shadow (S).
Foghorn, a six-month-old leghorn chicken, is responsible for the eggstraordinary find, which is more than twice the size of a normal egg.
I am wearing a band of inner tube around my head with white leghorn chicken feathers inserted, making an Indian headdress.
Cloning and expression of the chicken ovary aromatase P-450: expression of mRNA in tissues of the Sebright and Leghorn chicken.
The Campbell duck is a prolific egg producer, laying more than 300 eggs annually, a number that competes with the laying capacity of the White Leghorn chicken.
VALENCIA - Reaching into a squawking flurry of feathers, Paul O'Connor skillfully grasped his quarry - a flustered white leghorn chicken sporting a numbered silver shoulder band.
White leghorn chicken fresh spleen was used to extract the RNA and amplify chicken li fragment of MHC Class II histocompatibility complex gene.
This report describes a case of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection (TAPVC) in a 5-week-old male white leghorn chicken that presented with growth retardation.
2] population derived from strong and weak eggshell lines of the White Leghorn chicken breed.
The purpose of this study was to determine the pharmacokinetic disposition of deferiprone in the white leghorn chicken as a potential model upon which to base therapeutic regimens for the treatment of iron storage disease (hemochromatosis) in affected avian species.
Toxicity of latex and methanol extract of leaves (10, 50, 80, 100 and 120 g/200 L) was evaluated in white leghorn chicken embryos (5th day) using chorioallantoic membrane route (n = 30 for each experiment i.