Legion of Honor

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Legion of Honor:

see decorations, civil and militarydecorations, civil and military,
honors bestowed by a government to reward services or achievements, particularly those implying valor. The practice of bestowing such decorations dates back at least to the laurel wreaths of the ancient Greeks and Romans and gained prevalence
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In a blue frock-coat, buttoned up close, decorated with the Legion of Honor.
Initiated by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honor is the highest award presented to non-French citizens in recognition of military, cultural, scientific or social contributions to France.
With Wednesday's ceremony, Morrison was made an officer in the Legion of Honor.
The Crystal Excellence designation is bestowed on agents who have been named to the Legion of Honor in 20 of the last 24 years, or a total of 25 years.
Both Thiebaud and Ruscha are the subjects of retrospectives opening this month: Thiebaud at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, in San Francisco, June 10-Sept.
Seven years later, in 1996, the French government awarded 101-year-old Paul Jarrett its highest award - the Legion of Honor.
PHOTO (1) French official Philippe Vinogradoff, left, kisses World War I vet William Zelnicker on Friday after awarding him the Legion of Honor.
7, 1999-Jan, 30, 2000; and the Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, Feb.
Bell is being honored by the French government - as are the surviving veterans from the ``war to end all wars'' - with the Legion of Honor, one of that country's highest accolades.
He is a Legion of Honor Member of SME and has received from SME/AIME the Saunders Gold Medal, Krumb Lecturer, President's Citation, Distinguished Member and Arthur C.
The eleven figures in Segal's tableau, surrounded on three sides by a poured-concrete palisade, have been installed on the summit of a slope in Lincoln Park in San Francisco, slightly below a parking area and just to the side of a road leading to the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.
Gerard Depardieu could lose his Legion of Honor award because of drunk driving, and that's just fine with him.