Legislative Power

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Legislative Power


the authority of higher state agencies to enact laws; the legislative organs themselves are also understood under this term.

In bourgeois states, according to the principle of the separation of powers (legislative, executive, and judicial), the legislative power may be formally exercised only by parliaments. Under imperialism parliament weakens in its capacity as the carrier of legislative power, and there is an increase in the legislative authority of organs of executive power—for example, of the administration, ministries, or departments.

In the USSR, the delineation of the competence of different state agencies confirmed by the Constitution of 1936 assumes the implementation of legislative functions exclusively by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and in the Union and autonomous republics, by the supreme Soviets of the republics.

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He also congratulated the council on its newly acquired legislative powers.
Al Daheri supported more legislative powers, longer legislative term of at least four years and more members to fully represent the people.
Manama, July 31 (BNA)--His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa lauded today cooperation between the executive and legislative powers which, he said, has yielded many national achievements.
But even if it is rejected, the argument for such a ruling - that Congress cannot delegate legislative functions to the executive branch - could also undermine its widespread delegation of legislative power to bureaucrats in executive branch regulatory agencies.
Baghdad / NINA /-- Iraqi Islamic Party, described the Federal Court's decision to enable the Parliament to exercise its full constitutional powers as a legislative power "is of great importance because it corrects a bug that suffer from the political process
Julkipli also assured that the legislative power that will be vested on the Bangsamoro government will remain to be in consonance with national laws.
26 (BNA)-- Head of the Shura Council's Financial and Economic Affairs Committee Khalid Hussain Al Masqati stressed that the visions of the independents from the legislative power will be based on the constitution and the National Action Charter, pointing out that those visions are being mapped out into one document that will be submitted to the Royal Court within two weeks at the latest.
With our votes, we give Parliament the legislative power to make laws.
The unit, known best with its abbreviation BORKOR, was established by the previous center-right government of Boyko Borisov, aiming to discover and counter cases of corruption at all levels of local, executive and legislative power.
The movement also denounced the president holding legislative power when they have demanded it be granted to the "Legislation Committee of State Council.
Under that scenario, the Shura Council would have held legislative power for a short time, for the purpose of drafting an electoral law.
A number of these members prevented, on Friday, the NCA second deputy President Larbi Abid from holding the meeting of the constituent commission of the legislative power, the executive power and relation between them.

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