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1. the act or process of making laws; enactment
2. the laws so made



(1) One of the basic methods by which the state exercises its functions, consisting in the promulgation of laws by agencies of state power. In the USSR legislation is the exclusive prerogative of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (Constitution of the USSR, 1971, art. 32) and of the Supreme Soviets of the Union and autonomous republics. The enactment of legislation is the most important activity of the Supreme Soviets, since the laws they promulgate encompass the most important aspects of the country’s economic, sociocultural, and political development, as well as the fundamental problems of foreign policy.

(2) The body of legal norms regulating social relations as a whole or one of the forms of social relations, including civil and criminal legislation.

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Moreover, special legislative procedures do not give an equal, prominent role as co-decision maker to the European Parliament, which is often only consulted in those cases, even though it represents the citizens directly benefitting from EU social policy.
We are concerned that many new legislators lack an understanding of legislative procedures, have little institutional knowledge and are less experienced than their predecessors.
Under Article 43.2 TFEU, the EP and the Council, acting in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure and after consulting the European Economic and Social Committee, establish the common organisation of markets in the fisheries sector provided for in Article 40.1 TFEU and the other provisions necessary for the pursuit of the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy.
He also tells us that the EU can grant rights (never mind the onerous obligations which are the norm) without the burden of having to go through the full legislative procedure which is the case with the Westminster Government, but this is to admit that it can issue laws, rules and regulations, at will, without any restraint.
The MPs primarily accepted the House of Peoples request that the proposed law be considered in urgent legislative procedure, and then unanimously adopted it without discussion.
She was a national expert in parliamentary procedure and served on NCSL's Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure Commission.
BEIJING -- Beijing has started to examine a draft to relax the one child policy, the start of the legislative procedure, authorities said on Friday.
British workers in particular have benefited greatly from the UK's membership of the EU, with them being granted many more rights than they otherwise would have had if the Westminster Government had the burden of having to go through the full legislative procedure to achieve alone the forms of social change that we are achieving much faster as a result of national governments co-operating at EU level.
This completes the final stage in the legislative procedure for the three files, which are part of the Clean Energy package.
The Commission is clear, however: it is the ordinary legislative procedure, namely co-decision, that applies to multiannual plans.
The new treaty also states that the European Parliament and Council can, using the ordinary legislative procedure, adopt the measures necessary for the implementation of the ERA.
It is understood that he will signal a radical departure from the current legislative procedure by asking the select committee to scrutinise the forthcoming Bill to save parliamentary time.

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