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The macromolecules are albumin, gelatin, and legumin. These macromolecules are extensively used because of their natural properties including biodegradable and biocompatibility.
Nicolas et al., "Adaptive immune responses of legumin nanoparticles," Journal of Drug Targeting, vol.
Nut proteins: (1) Glutelin (44aa, superfamily Glutelin), (2) 11S legumin (505aa, superfamily Globulin), (3) 7S vicilin (784aa, superfamily Globulin), (4) 7S vicilin (792aa, superfamily Globulin), (5) Putative allergen I1 (143aa, superfamily Albumin), and (6) Putative 7S vicilin (102aa, superfamily Globulin).
legumin: 78, 127, 130, 1822; emend Irwin & Barneby, Mem.
The lysine and methionine rich basic subunit of buckwheat grain legumin: Some results of a structural study.
Another important finding by researchers is that the double mutant rrrbrb pea line had the most profound reduction in the constituent legumin. Protein from such a line would have different functional properties than that from wild-type peas and could have potential applications in extruded meat-free products.
(1990) showed, using near-isogenic lines, that the transcription rates for genes corresponding to a particular cDNA clone for legumin were similar in RR and rr embryos.
The mean legumin concentration of round seeded lines of pea was about twice that of wrinkled seeded lines (Davies, 1980).
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Legumin and vicilin, storage proteins of legume seeds.