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Having recently established a flock of Bluefaced Leicester sheep, she has now won a PS200 JG Animal Health voucher in the NSA bimonthly prize draw.
Livestock exhibitors at this year's show include Bird Farm Alpacas; Ystrad from Wales, whose traditional British breeds and their cross-bred lambs are bred for their fleeces; the RyelR and Flock Book Society, promoting the use of this t ancient breed's wool and yarn; Pure Welsh showcasing wool from their flock of Llanwenogs; the Shetland Sheep Society, showing how this t breed has fine fleeces in many colours and patterns; Home Farm Wensleydales, who breed Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester sheep for their wool and Pickwick Flock with rare breed pedigree Cotswold sheep, producing high lustre silk-like spinning fleeces.
The Ridley family, who are renowned Bluefaced Leicester sheep breeders, did Stu - a keen showman himself - proud at this week's Northumberland County Show.
Proudly showing off some fine examples of Pedigree Border Leicester sheep were nine-year-old Leon Hayes and his sister Katie-Rose Hayes, six.
As marriage, family and farming commitments took up more of his time, he retired from the saddle and turned his attention to breeding Bluefaced Leicester sheep.
Handlers around the country commonly use Border Leicester sheep or crosses derived from Border Leicesters.
A FARMER is fighting to save his famous flock of Bluefaced Leicester sheep after being told that they will be slaughtered within days.
com/web/blacksheep/ (Colored and white Coopworth/Bluefaced Leicester sheep & fleeces)
Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association chairman Carl Stephenson, who farms at Middleton in Teesdale, said: "This is a very important and large sale, where buyers can purchase both traditional Bluefaced Leicester and Crossing.
Farewell and see ewe next year, says Clair May to a Blue-faced Leicester sheep as the show came to an end yesterday
He now farms 500 acres, produces pedigree Blue Faced Leicester sheep and is a member of the Waitrose Welsh Lamb Group.

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