Leili Muuga

Muuga, Leili Adamovna


Born Nov. 14, 1922, in the village of Maima, Gorno-Altai Autonomous Oblast, RSFSR. Soviet painter. Honored Artist of the Estonian SSR (1965).

Muuga studied at the Tartu Art Institute (1947–51) and then in Tallinn at the Estonian SSR State Art Institute (1951–53), where she began teaching in 1962. Muuga’s works are primarily genre compositions, portraits, and still lifes. They are marked by evocative imagery, reflected in the use of large two-dimensional figures and decorative colors. Muuga’s best-known works include the triptych Protest Against War (1959), as well as The Orchestra (1962), A Portrait of A. Ekston (1967), and Festive Flowers (1972), all in the Tallinn State Art Museum, and The Family of a Fisherman (1965), in the Tret’iakov Gallery.


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